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Stand Up Oregon We Can Do This


To my fellow Oregonians,

Hello, my name is Raymond Lee Baldwin, I want to be your advocate and fight for your rights as your next Congressional Representative. I am running to restore and protect individual rights that are being eliminated by corrupt politicians who prostitute their votes for money and use insider trading to become millionaires, all the while binding the public with a growing bureaucracy. Being a single father who has raised 9 children, have 9 grandchildren and one great grandchild, I know firsthand the difficulties that families face while struggling to survive the pitfalls in life. I believe that family comes first and pledge to stand up and defend your freedoms and liberty to be a self-governed people. Too often, our government treats us as if they are the parent and we are the children. They tell us to do as they say, not as they do. With ever-increasing taxes that burden our house holds, government agendas that tear our families apart, lower home values, unemployment at record numbers, higher fees for secondary education, huge national debt, and uncontrolled spending of our money by bureaucrats who are not held accountable, we find ourselves feeling like slaves to the government. Let us remind them who the boss is, and take our country back to the principle of common sense and local governing. Have you had enough yet? I have and I want to earn your support and help to restore our confidence in the American Dream. Let your voices be heard this November and reclaim your God given right to Life Liberty and the Pursuit of your Happiness. It is time to give the power back to the people. Help me to unite Oregonians for our Families, for our Freedoms, and for our Future. Vote Raymond Lee Baldwin as your next Congressional Representative. Stand up Oregon, Together we can do this!

Sincerely, Raymond L. Baldwin

Salem, OR

​​Tillamook, OR

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